diumenge, 19 d’agost de 2007

Those who sing at table and eat at bed are out of his mind

Val. «Qui canta en taula i menja al llit no té l'enteniment complit»

This saying encourage us to behave rightly in each situation if we do not want to be dismissed as mad. Grandma would tell you this, for instance, when you are having dinner and suddenly you start using your mobile phone.

This proverb offers many alternatives as there are counties in our linguistic scope:

Qui canta a la taula i xiula al llit, té el seny poc eixerit (Catalonia)
Qui canta a sa taula i pixa en es llit, no té es coneixement complit (Mallorca)
Qui canta en taula i xiula al llit, no té l'enteniment complit (Land of Valencia)

3 comentaris:

armand ha dit...

tio, esta frase és molt bona.

no la coneixia! :)

Josep ha dit...

Aquesta l'he sentida només a casa

I know this one cause my grandma uses to say it all the time, I haven't heard it anywhere else.

Josep ha dit...

Of course, until today that I've checked Internet

Per descomptat fins hui, que he consultat internet