dimarts, 21 d’agost de 2007

The normal way is the fig to the bird

Val. «Lo normal és la figa pa'l pardal».

It means that everytime there's a natural way of doing things.

In here there is implied a clear sexual connotation as figa (fig) is a colloquial word for 'vagina' and pardal (bird) is its homonymous for 'dick'. Basically it comes from the belief that the natural thing is that men like women and vice versa.

*Lo (standard: Allò / El)
**pa'l (standard: per al)

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Nelo ha dit...

Jo la conec com a "Lo normal és una figa pal pardal". Però sobretot com a resposta a:

- Tu creus que això és normal? (sobre un succés, comentari, etc)
- Normal és una figa pal pardal.