dimecres, 29 d’agost de 2007

To be dizzier than an 'all-i-oli'* sauce

Val. «Estar més marejat que un all-i-oli»

It's said when somethings makes you sick. All-i-oli is a Valencian gastronomic delicatessen. It's a thick sauce made of crushed garlicks & olive oil. It needs to be stirred a long while, that's why we relate this sauce with a dizzy state.


Es diu quan una persona està marejada.

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Joseph Jay Boulas ha dit...

alioli origin is uncertain. It is traditionally used in all the mediterranean litoral from monaco to andalusia. The name suggests that it is either occitan or catalan (catalan-valencian) in origin.

Josep Lluís ha dit...

Thanks for your comment, Joseph. I'd rather say that the origin of all-i-oli is quite clear, as it comes from the Catalan words all (garlic) and oli (oil), which are its main ingredients.