dilluns, 27 d’agost de 2007

The Fig Anthology

'Fig' is the Valencian equivalent for english swearword 'cunt'.

It's also used for name the fruits of the fig tree.

There's a whole collection on set phrases inpired by or around the fig. In his literal and figurative meaning...

- To have a fig as big as a hamper

Val. «Tindre una figa com un cabàs»

It means 'to be very lazy and irresponsible'

- To remain with one's fig well wide

«Quedar-se amb la figa ben ampla»

It means 'to avoid the effort of solve a trouble'

- To be a soft fig

«Ser una figa molla»

It's said about fainthearted or timorous people who do not usually take the initiative.

- Your aunt's fig

«La figa (de) 'ta tia»

It's an interjection that means 'in no way'

- To do fig (your legs)

«Fer figa (les cames)»

It's said when a limb or muscle fails.

- To be a fig-sucker

«Ser un llepafigues»

It's said of people who butter up other people or, in a general, about flatterers.

- To be up to the fig

«Estar fins la figa»

It means 'to be fed up of stand a situation'

- To touch oneselve's fig

«Tocar-se la figa»

It means 'to do nothing'

- To be a fig full of tooth

«Ser una figa amb dents»

It means 'to be fainthearted'

- In summer the fig searches for the dick

see entry

- The normal way is the fig for the bird

see entry

- A fig hair holds more appeal than a ship's hawser

see entry

7 comentaris:

maria ha dit...

First of all: congratulations for this page!This is a brilliant opportunity for english speakers to know about our language and culture. Moreover congratulations for your effort. Just a comment. the word "timorous" does not exist in english. It should be replaced by "timid" or "shy" or for " a person who does not usually take the iniciative".

Josep ha dit...

Thanks for your comment Maria! It seems the word does exist, but its use is very limited, specially in literary contexts. I like your explanation. Keep on with your comments! ;)

Gràcies pel comentari, Maria! Sembla que la paraula sí que existeix, però el seu ús és molt restringit, només en contextos literaris. M'agrada la teua explicació. Continua comentant! ;)

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