dissabte, 25 d’agost de 2007

To be meaner than tench in juice

Val. «Ser més roí que la tenca en suc»

Un valencià diria això a un altre que no es comporta bé i reincidix una vegada i una altra en la mateixa actitud vil.


A Valencian would say this to another guy when the latter behaves in an improper way and relapses again and again into the same attitude. The saying means something like: ‘There is no hope for you’, ‘You’re hopeless’, ‘There’s no way of dealing with you.’
The two translations into English are due to the fact that roí in the original saying refers both to the evil nature of the character and to the bad flavour of the fish in question.

*also To be worst than tench in juice

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Josep ha dit...

Thanks to Txema who revealed this saying to me directly from "El Cabanyal", this coastal district of the city of València!!

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Indudablemente la mejor cita de este amazing blog