diumenge, 26 d’agost de 2007

Mother who goes... and father who comes back

Val. «La mare que va.... i el pare que torna»

This senseless set sentence is used to avoid a swearword when we are in the presence of kids or in a public context.

The original phrase would be:

"[I crap on] the mother who gave you birth"

Val. «[Me cague en] la mare que et va parir»

But in order to avoid this rude expression, we change the set phrase and add the sentence about the father.
This is possible as the auxiliary verb which forms the past in Valencian is also the verb 'to go'. Thus, if in the rude original expression we split "va parir" (gave you birth) and leave just "va" it can be interpreted as 'she goes', especially if we ad the second sentence i el pare que torna (and the father who comes back).

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This explanation is just sublime