dissabte, 18 d’agost de 2007

Going more dressed up than Pica-sàries

Val. Anar més mudat que Pica-sàries

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armand ha dit...

There's an alternative version for this refrain:

- To wear more fashionable clothes than "Pricks Saddlebags"

(val. comment.: teniu en compte que el nom de 'Pica-Sàries' fa referència a alguna sorts de personatge fictici de l'imaginari col·lectiu valencià que "pica-(coses)-de-les-sàries"; cast. "alforjas")

enjoy this guide, pals!


Josep ha dit...

I got "To be more dressed up than the Pannier Pricker" which is basically the same.

It seems that the standard word for "sària" is "sàrria", being the former more loyal to the Valencian pronuntiation.

By the way, do you mean "picar" in the sense of "steal"? I wonder if it refers to the character of a trickster or something similar, who tried to disguise his social background by dressing well.