dilluns, 10 de setembre de 2007

To make more water than a monot

Val. «Fer més aigua que un monot»

monot (val.): xarxa per a la pesca emprada pels pescadors del llac de l'Albufera de València.

monot (val.): fishing net used by fishermans on Albufera's lake (València).

This expression is a little bit complex because is based on another set phrase:

To make water

Val. «Fer aigua»

That means '
to be stupid' -you know: like you'd have a hole on your head and your brain is spilling down...-

[in Valencian verb '
to make' can be used as synonymous of 'to give off']

Then we combine this phrase (
make water) with our special fishing net (monot) we have this curious phrase:

- You make more water [you're so stupid]...
...than a monot [because a net can hold no water, it works as the top metaphor of stupidity].