dimecres, 5 de setembre de 2007

I love you more than a good crap

Val. "T'estime més que un bon cagar".

The legend says that an old King had 3 daughters. He asked them how much they loved him. The eldest answered "I love you more than all the gold in the world". The second one, "I love you more than all the silver". But the youngest said "Daddy, I love you more than a good crap". The King grew furious, and exiled her.

She had to live in a farm for two years. When they met again, his father grabbed her, and said: "Daughter, tell me how much you love me, because I haven't been able to go to the toilet since you left me (and it hurts)". He was too constipated (restret).

After the re-meeting, the King found an irrigation ditch, and crapped, and crapped, until he dried the ditch up. Since then, that irrigation ditch is known as "La sèquia del Bon Cagar" (The Good-Crapping ditch)

Ey, have a good time and crap a lot!