dilluns, 24 de març de 2008

To have a lid for every little casserole

Val. «Tindre tapadora per a tots els perolets»

It is said when somebody has an answer for every question or when somebody has always something to say with regard to a subject in a conversation. It is used for people who have a strong personality and who speak with an eloquent tone.


No matter how long you try to convince him, he has a lid for every little casserole

Ja pots intentar convéncer-lo, que ell sempre té tapadora per a tots els perolets.

Linguistic clarifications: 1) As in many words in Valencian, the /d/ in tapadora normally drops in spontaneous speech, so it is pronounced tapaora. 2) perolet is the diminutive form of perol (= casserole/pot). Diminutive forms are highly used in Valencian.

dissabte, 22 de març de 2008

To be cleaner than a horse mackerel

Val. «Estar més net que un sorell»

It means 'to be skint'. It can be applied to a person or to a wallet. 'To be clean' means to have no money. The comparison with a horse mackerel comes from the fact that it is a small fish and you cannot get much from it.

divendres, 14 de març de 2008

To talk for not keeping quiet

Val. «Parlar per no callar»

That expression can be used for reject an statement of other people.


- Diuen que si guanyen les eleccions frenaran el canvi climàtic.

- Saps que pense jo?... Que això és parlar per no callar!

(- They say that, if they win the elections, they'll stop the climatic change.

- You know what I think?... That's to talk for not keeping quiet!)

dijous, 13 de març de 2008

Those who keep when there’s still some will eat whenever they want to

Val. «Qui guarda quan té menja quan vol»

Este refrany expressa el caràcter conservador dels valencians respecte al menjar i als diners. Eixa característica social deu provindre dels períodes històrics en què els valencians varen patir carestia.

Variants: «Qui dóna el que té no menja quan vol».


This proverb expresses the conservative nature of Valencians with regard to money and food. Particularly, this idea might come from previous times when Valencians had to get through lean periods. (wars and postwar periods, etc).