dissabte, 20 de setembre de 2008

Her fig is clapping her hands

Val. «La figa li fa palmes»

This comment is said to remark that a girl or a woman is getting aroused. It is especially used when somebody notices that a woman feels attracted to a guy (or a girl). This can be deduced from her behaviour or from a gossip.


Este comentari se sol fer quan es nota que una xica se sent sexualment atreta per algú. Això es pot deduir pel seu comportament, pel xafardeig que nos ha contat algú, etcètera.

Linguistic clarifications:

1) Remember that the word ‘fig’ in Catalan is synonym for ‘cunt’ (woman vagina). Obviously, a vagina doesn’t have any ‘hands’ to clap with, but still, for sure you can guess the metaphor of a vagina applauding.

2) Even though nowadays the word ‘palmell’ and the expression ‘picar de mans’ is preferred to mean ‘clap one’s hands’, the archaic word ‘palma’ is still widely used in Valencian, as well as set-phrases like ‘tocar les palmes’ o ‘batre les palmes’.