dijous, 25 de setembre de 2008

Make the hand

Val. «Fer la mà»

This vulgar expression means to masturbate, to wank off, when talking about men. Another expression very usual in Valencian comes from this: ‘Anar a fer la mà’ (To go and make the hand), used in the imperative form ―Vés a fer la mà― is a vulgar expression of disapproval and annoyance, similar to the English expressions ‘Go and jump in a lake’, or ‘Go to hell’. Then, you send somebody to make the hand when you are fed up with him/her. Of course, the degree of seriousness of the sentence depends on the tone of your voice, as many other expressions and interjections, for instance Xe.

On its turn, the set-phrase ‘a fer la mà’ can be used in an enormous variety of contexts (all of them colloquial or vulgar), having diferents shades of meaning. Hereunder you have some of the most used, with examples:

1) Eixe poble està a fer la mà - That village is miles away (= a long distance)

2) Va vindre la policia, i la festa se n’anà a fer la mà - The police came, so the party went up the creek (= end up in failure or disaster)

3) Pots deixar de fer la mà amb la piloteta? – Could you stop bothering with that little ball? (= horse around, bother)

4) Haver de llegir l’obra completa de Josep Pla en una setmana és un fer la mà – It is a tough task to read the complete works of Josep Pla in a week (= a harsh, tough activity)

5) A fer la mà el teu examen de trompeta, vull dormir! - To hell with your trumpet exam, I want to sleep!