dilluns, 24 de març de 2008

To have a lid for every little casserole

Val. «Tindre tapadora per a tots els perolets»

It is said when somebody has an answer for every question or when somebody has always something to say with regard to a subject in a conversation. It is used for people who have a strong personality and who speak with an eloquent tone.


No matter how long you try to convince him, he has a lid for every little casserole

Ja pots intentar convéncer-lo, que ell sempre té tapadora per a tots els perolets.

Linguistic clarifications: 1) As in many words in Valencian, the /d/ in tapadora normally drops in spontaneous speech, so it is pronounced tapaora. 2) perolet is the diminutive form of perol (= casserole/pot). Diminutive forms are highly used in Valencian.

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Josep ha dit...

Thanks mate

Camille ha dit...

Yeah we have the same expression in French, "chaque pot a son couvercle"

The kind of thing you're being told when you have been single for a while :p

Anònim ha dit...

Vaig aprendre molt