dimarts, 9 d’agost de 2011

To go to Garcia’s place

Val. «Anar a ca Garcia»

«Anar a ca Garcia» és una manera jocosa d’anunciar a les persones al nostre voltant que anem al bany a fer de ventre, o siga, a defecar; és una mena d’eufemisme i alhora un joc de paraules, perquè la frase conté amagada la paraula tabú: ca Garcia.


Go to Garcia’s place is a humorous way to say you’re going to the toilet to have a bowel movement, that is, to defecate, or in other words, to do a number 2. Ca means in Catalan ‘somebody’s place’, and Garcia is just a common Spanish surname (in this case, the owner of the place). You may think that this has nothing to do with the fact of defecating, but it makes sense because there is a play on words in the sentence. It comes from the fact that the Catalan word for ‘to shit’ is cagar, a taboo word that, if you pay attention, is hidden inside the sentence: ca Garcia.

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